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Kitten is home, now what?

The Answers You Need

Your kitten will come with initial care instructions and I personally am available by phone, text or email for the lifetime of your kitten! To create the essential bond between you and your new kitten:
Show kitten the food, water and litter box.  Leave carrier in a quiet space leaving the door open so the kitten can go in if feeling threatened or scared. Play with your kitten; spend time with your kitten.  Provide a variety of cat toys, and climbing opportunities. Do not force your kitten to come to you, allow the kitten to initiate contact.  They are very sociable cats and will not want to be away from the family for long.  However it may take the kitten a week or so to adjust to its new home.  If so do not panic, this is normal.  Some kittens take longer than others.  Introduce other pets gradually.   If you have a dog it is recommend that you place a child gate in the door to the room you have kept the kitten in.  This will allow the kitten to roam freely (kitten will climb the gate) but will keep the dog at a distance until both pets are use to each other.  If the kitten would feel threatened or scared by the dog the gate would allow the kitten an escape keeping the dog at a distance.  These kittens adapt very quickly to other animals.  Supervise young children around the kitten.   It does not take much to hurt a young kitten and young children may not realize they are hurting the kitten.  These kittens are very sociable.  They have been raised as part of our family.  They will want constant attention.  In order to keep them “RagaMuffins” it is essential that you spend a couple of hours a day with your kitten, more if time permits.  If you cannot do that, this may not be the right breed for you.  This breed thrives on human contact.  I cannot emphasize enough the importance of spending time with your kitten. If you have purchased two kittens together, make time to spend one-on-one with each of them. This is how they will bond with YOU. 


Items We Use In Our Cattery:

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