Available Kittens!


Tormund & Brienne had their 1st litter! Kittens were born 
May 28, 2021. Check our Instagram and Facebook for more frequent updates! As of now all kittens have found homes! I will be breeding my other Queen Sansa very soon and will post when she will be having her 1st litter!  



Kitten Application

This form must be completed by all new families looking to take home a special kitty from us, it helps us understand your needs and get to know you better. Please ask any questions you have at any time (always).

Do you or anyone in your home have cat allergies?
If renting, will you be able to provide a notarized letter from your landlord for permission to have pets?
Purpose of cat or kitten?

Thanks for submitting an application to adopt one of our kittens!I will get in contact with you once I have reviewed it!