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Available Kittens!


Sophia & Capone- 

Contact us about our upcoming litters & availability!

Gianna & Capone- 


When you choose Muffin Mafia to adopt from you can rest assured you are getting the best experience possible. You'll get a sweet, loving, healthy kitten with all age appropriate shots, microchip, treats & toys, a blanket with familiar smells, all paperwork proving their authenticity which also makes them registerable and a 3 year health guarantee (which I extend to 5 years if you continue the high quality food their kitten is used to eating.) I have all my breeding cats fully DNA tested for health & genetics, registered by both CFA & ACFA. They are all fully pedigreed and you will get copies of all of that as well. Also, I work part time from home so all my kittens are very socialized and handled all day long. After they are potty trained, I start letting them roam the nursery and bedrooms to socialize with all the other cats and our dog. My 11 year old son is our "cuddle boss" so our kittens are also socialized with kids. I do weekly themed photoshoots and send videos and pictures throughout the week as well. I try to give my adopters the best experience possible so they can see their kittens growing up! I welcome video calls set up at a time that works for us both so you can see your kitten in its real environment. I also include any special training you might want like getting them trained on a harness/leash and pet backpacks at no additional cost. We also offer courier service at an additional cost.

To reserve a kitten, a $500 non-refundable deposit is required. Breeding rights are NOT included in pet purchases. We offer a discount of $100 for Military & Veteran families, medical/health professionals, first responders & siblings. Our RagaMuffins are AUTHENTIC and the highest of quality.

We at Muffin Mafia understand the internet. We are sure you've seen "authentic RagaMuffins" online for a range of different prices, and while we don't worry about competition, ask yourself "Do I want a new addition to my home as authentic and as verifiably healthy as possible or do I want to take the chance and cut a corner?" Ultimately it's your decision, and as ethically responsible breeders we want to give you all the information you need to make the best choice for you.  

We wish you the best in your search for an authentic RagaMuffin, and hope you choose Muffin Mafia as your family! 

Please fill out the kitten application below and we will send you information regarding availability!

Kitten Application

This form must be completed by all new families looking to take home a special kitty from us, it helps us understand your needs and get to know you better. Please ask any questions you have at any time (always).

Do you or anyone in your home have cat allergies?
If renting, will you be able to provide a notarized letter from your landlord for permission to have pets?
Purpose of cat or kitten?

Thanks for submitting an application to adopt one of our kittens!I will get in contact with you once I have reviewed it!

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