About Me

Being raised around cats and kittens my whole childhood has grown my complete love for all things CATS! I grew up with Persian and Siamese cats. 

Early 2000, I watched the show on Animal Planet called "Cats 101" and learned about this amazing breed. I immediately fell in love and went on a hunt to adopt one. To my surprise, I found out how rare this breed is. There weren't any breeders close to me here in Vancouver WA. Shortly after, I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd child and put my search on hold. In 2019 I set out to find a RagaMuffin to adopt and came across a few breeders closer to my area on Facebook. I adopted what I "thought" was my first RagaMuffin kitten. A few short months later I set out on another journey to find a 2nd muffin. I came across Blessed Hope Cattery and chatted with the owner Diana about adopting one of her kittens. I told her about my first "muffin" and shared a photo. To my surprise, I found out that my muffin, was in fact NOT a muffin at all. He turned out to be a Persian mix (he is still an amazing cat regardless of breed). After hours of Facebook messages and a long phone call, I was convinced that I had a new duty in life and that was to breed authentic RagaMuffins and help share this magnificent breed and put a stop to "back yard breeders".  My cattery is also registered with CFA & ACFA! 

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