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Why choose a RagaMuffin?

A generally calm cat, the RagaMuffin is an ideal companion for those living in apartments and the breed adapts well to changes in routine. The RagaMuffin is a large, long-bodied cat. They are heavily boned with a long tail and a plush coat. The RagaMuffin appears even bigger than she is.

The coat on the RagaMuffin can vary in length from semi-long to long. It is soft, plush and silky. They’re gentle giants.

They're a big breed that typically weighs between 10 and 20 pounds.


They are even tempered and gets along well with all family members. Changes in routine generally do not upset them. They’re usually cuddle bugs. The generally affectionate RagaMuffin is a classic lap cat who usually doesn’t mind being snuggled. They’re often sociable. The RagaMuffin is often outgoing and tends to like people. Expect him to follow you wherever you go and greet your guests at the door. They can make good family cats. The RagaMuffin tends to like children and they can even get along with dogs. They're usually calm and patient and is capable of playing fetch and learning tricks!

Living With:

As a placid cat, the RagaMuffin needs interactive exercise in addition to playing room in order to keep them in shape. If need be, they should have her parent spend a dedicated period of time playing with her.

The coat on the RagaMuffin, while impressive, is easier to care for than it first appears. The coat should be brushed weekly but this should be all that is needed in order to keep knots and tangles out of the coat.


Sansa can often be found cuddling our family dog Swisher 


Ready to bring one of these wonderful kittens home?

Brienne sleeping in the typical RagaMuffin position!


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